Tibet Student Journeys

Universities, schools and club groups tailor made experiences

Do you want your students to experience the wider world beyond the classroom?

Let them see first-hand how people from an entirely different culture live and work?

Explore a part of the world that has captivated travellers for years?

Beyond The Clouds offers well planned, tailor made student expeditions to Tibet. These are designed specifically for your school, university or club, to enable you to experience real Tibet with ease with expert guides and a wide range of activities.

We work with you to design a tour that fits your group’s interests or curriculum needs, to ensure that your students get the most out of their time on the roof of the world, besides the incredible photos and memories. Our youth focused travel packages will make your school tour in China and Tibet easy and enjoyable. 

In Tibet your students will not only learn about Tibetan culture, but also about themselves: leadership skills, team building, and problem solving are just some of the long-lasting benefits of adventurous travel for student groups. This once in a lifetime journey will challenge them to grow and appreciate the world in new and different ways. They will learn the value of responsibility and community service in inspiring surroundings that they will never forget.

No matter what the focus of your student trip to Tibet is, every tour includes an introduction to Tibetan culture, history and lifestyle. Whether you’re seeking a wilderness adventure, cultural experience or community service opportunity we can make it happen, and design a tailor-made itinerary just right for your group.

These are some of our top experiences for student tours in Tibet:

  • Stay in a homestay with a local Tibetan family and learn about their customs and lifestyle
  • Learn to prepare Tibetan ethnic food and eat with your hosts
  • Adapt to a basic lifestyle that is more common than many students realize
  • Try a traditional Tibetan art form by visiting a Thangka painting centre
  • Fundraise for an orphanage visit; deliver a gift of food; interact with the orphanage kids
  • Help local farmers pick vegetables and forage for mushrooms
  • Gain awareness of China’s ethnic minorities in the world’s largest growing economy
  • Complete a 3 to 6 day trek in the backcountry; set up camp and cook over a fire
  • Camp with Tibetan nomads to experience a lifestyle that pre-dates modernity by thousands of years on a 2 to 6 day horse trek
  • Try basic rock climbing and rappelling, and learn about basic rock and rope safety
  • Combine a cross cultural Tibetan home stay experience with cycling. Ride bamboo bikes to nearby scenic spots
  • Capture incredible images on a photography trip to authentic Tibetan villages
  • Visit a glacier park and experience the physiological effects of high elevation
  • Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites and iconic historical sites like the Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple in Lhasa
  • Take a trip to the world’s highest peak: Everest Base Camp

Beyond The Clouds journeys support the work of our organisation, First Steps Himalaya, a New Zealand-based charity working to improve education at grassroots level in rural Nepal. Our Early Years education projects are located in Sindhupalchok, the area worst affected by the recent earthquakes. First Steps Himalaya is playing a leading role in getting children back into earthquake resilient classrooms.

Our director, Fionna Heiton, has been running family adventure style trips in Nepal for many years. Now, as Tibet becomes more accessible to travellers, we are excited to extend our trips into this remote part of the world. Fionna journeyed to eastern Tibet with her teenage twins in 2017 and immediately saw the potential for incredible youth journeys in the region. Additionally, we have an in-house Tibet expert, Becky, who has recently returned from almost four years living as an expat in Tibet, to answer all of your questions and concerns about travel in Tibet. Our on the ground team in Tibet are highly experienced in working with young people and specialise in student tours. You will be accompanied for the entire journey by an experienced fluent English speaking Tibetan guide, who will be a special part of your Tibetan experience. 

Are you ready to take your students on the trip of a lifetime? Contact Beyond The Clouds to get started, we’d love to hear from you.