Traveller's Reviews

"I knew Bhutan would be the trip of a lifetime but what an understatement, I still haven't stopped grinning! The tour was very well organised, both guide and driver were excellent, ensuring we saw fantastic sites, attended a festival and completed amazing hikes."  Lucy,  U.K

"Our decision to use Beyond the Clouds was absolutely the right decision! The trip, was everything we had hoped it would be and more. The planning was excellent, our lodgings great, the cultural sights which gave us a true picture to life in Bhutan and we can not say enough about our guide, Pema and driver. We even received special treatment in Kathmandu, Nepal, our lay over place, at a recommended restaurant for Ken's birthday. We love that there is a charitable aspect to Beyond the Clouds". Ken and Stella, USA

"The whole experience was quite mind-blowing! The magnificent scenery, amazing sights and the great yoga combined to make this a memorable experience.  Our guide and driver were exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable. I would certainly recommend this holiday to other people" Sue, U.K. 

"This trip has to rate as one of the very best things I've done in my life, so thanks heaps for making it available to me." Judy, NZ

"Trekking with Beyond The Clouds was a fantastic experience. The combination of great scenery, great companionship and a guide who knew all the ins and outs made the whole thing really enjoyable. And the icing on the cake was knowing that it was all in support of such a good cause." Mike, U.K.

"Thanks very much for all your help in arranging our trek. Our guide was excellent and proved to be very knowledgeable. Your well informed and knowledgeable responses to all our questions were extremely helpful in finding a trek that was well suited to our limited time frame." Larry, USA

"The highlight of the trip was the village stay, there was not a dry eye in the group as we walked up the hill to the bus. We were all so moved by the farewell ceremony, it was hard to say good bye and leave. I will certainly recommend your adventure trips to anyone interested in going to Nepal, I thought you did a wonderful job of taking care of us throughout the trip." Maxine, Australia

"The effort and dedication you put in, is what sets you apart, as far as the overall experience. I felt very much part of an extended family and the attention to detail to our possible needs was also very impressive. For me the best part of the trip was our stay in the village. It had such a wonderful gentle rhythm, which I found incredibly rewarding." Felicity, N.Z

"The whole yoga tour exceeded my expectations in terms of accommodation, safety, fun and friendliness of the locals.  The itinerary was very well thought out and our tour guide was an exemplary organiser!" Gael, N.Z

"The yoga adventure was brilliant. The yoga and meditation were just perfect throughout. I can't wait to go back!"  Rob, Australia

"After completing the Annapurna Circuit trek, I can only say what a wonderful experience it was. Dealing with this excellent company was easy, the organisation was brilliant! What makes them stand out is the profits go back to First Steps Himalaya who do such a wonderful job. Beyond The Clouds is not just another travel company. They are not caught in the trappings of the big commercial travel companies who are often inflexible and not always user friendly. This one has soul and works with you on what you like to experience. Fionna, Durga and the team run an excellent charity and travel company." David, N.Z

“What a great job you all did - I couldn't find any other way to express my gratitude and admiration for the professionalism, skill, improvisation when needed, flexibility, value for money, enthusiasm and more.  I was overwhelmed by what you put in to make this trip a jewel in my travel experiences.  Keeping everything on the straight and level, letting me experience a gorgeous country with its wonderful and humble people without any foreseeable hassles - just brilliant!”  Erich, Australia

We had the most fabulous time on our trek and our guide is now family.  I can't say enough about our guides, the lodging, the food, the mountain. It is one of the highlights of our journey, for sure! Thank you so very much. Polly, USA