Bhutan Tailor-Made Journeys

Create a personalised itinerary for the ultimate Bhutan experience!

Beyond the Clouds has a range of flexible tailor-made itineraries ideally suited to independent travellers. Create your own Bhutan holiday experience without being part of a tour group.  We take the hassles out of finding the best places whilst leaving you with your own personalised itinerary. Be confident in the fact that your itinerary will be compiled by experts with 15 years experience of organising similar trips in the Himalayas.



Bhutanese festivals (known locally as Tsechus) are totally unique and captivating.  One of the best ways to discover the rich cultural heritage of Bhutan, these spectacularly colourful events draws hundreds of Bhutanese people in a spirit of reverence, blessing, festivity and celebration.  We can tailor your Bhutan tour to include one of these remarkable celebrations of Bhutanese culture.


trekking & walking holidays

Trekking in Bhutan is like nowhere else in the Himalayas. An untouched natural wonderland with crystal clear air and views that sometimes defy description. Experience stunning vistas of unclimbed snow-capped mountains, high altitude passes with unparalled views, pristine conifer forests, turquoise lakes, rolling pastures and traditional villages. 


central bhutan

The cultural heartland of Bhutan, central Bhutan has some of the oldest and most important monasteries,  dozens of great day hikes, and spectacular festivals. Many people fly in or out of Bumthang, saving days of travel by road. If you have time, don't miss central Bhutan.



Short on time?  Western Bhutan offers spectacular dzhongs, great trekking, and prayer flags flutter from every rooftop.  It is easy to get around and has good infrastructure.



The wild east is far off the beaten track, with few tourists, simpler food and accommodation.  Visit tourist-free dzhongs and temples, see beautiful silks and embroidery, and lush bird filled forests.  The rugged east is the most populated part of Bhutan and home to minority ethnic groups. 



Bhutan is the ultimate honeymoon destination, offering luxury hotels, hot stone baths, spas & saunas. We can arrange a very special wedding blessing in Bhutan.   Ask us about wedding and honeymoon packages as well as wedding lists to help people in our First Steps Himalaya project area in Nepal. 


family adventure

Bhutan is very family friendly, and your children will really enjoy the archery and seeing Bhutan's national animal the takin. As young children may find the long road journeys hard going, we work with you to planchild-friendly itineraries.  

Children under 12 get 33% off.