Bhutan Walking & Trekking

Walking or trekking in Bhutan is like nowhere else in the Himalayas. An untouched natural wonderland with crystal-clear air and views that sometimes defy description. Why not turn your Bhutan vacation into a walking or trekking trip?

Stretch your legs on our walking holidays, with a variety of day walks that take you to flower-filled meadows, sleepy villages and magnificent monasteries. Immerse yourself in nature while also seeing Bhutan's best cultural sites, and returning each night to excellent hotel and lodge accommodation.

Meander through meadows and be captivated by the rustic lifestyle of the nomadic herders in remote villages.

On routes such as the Jomolhari, Laya Gasa, Sagala and Druk Path treks, experience stunning vistas with unclimbed snow-capped mountains, high-altitude passes with unparalleled views, pristine conifer forests, turquoise lakes, rolling pastures and traditional villages. Spot elusive blue sheep and takins in their natural habitat. Meander through meadows where hairy yaks graze, and be captivated by the rustic lifestyle of the nomadic herders in remote villages. Encounter scenic passes festooned with prayer flags at altitudes of 5,000 m - a vantage point that will literally take your breath away.

Trekking in Bhutan is a great challenge for experienced walkers and adventure seekers, and involves steep ascents and overnight camping. All camping equipment will be provided, including tents and sleeping bags. You also have your own camp cook who prepares delicious meals.  

We offer private and small-group tours in Bhutan, with different levels of walking or trekking to suit your needs. Jomolhari, Laya Gasa, Sagala or Druk Path treks… If you're not sure which to choose, we are more than happy to give you advice, or help you design a tailor-made trek in Bhutan that's just right for you. For short trips to longer excursions, we can help you design the ideal itinerary to make the most of your time. 


Western bhutan walking Holiday


Our unique 9 night Bhutan Walking Holiday combines sightseeing with a variety of day hikes through Bhutan's stunning landscapes. Explore serene forested valleys, hike up to panoramic views and soak up the unique culture of this charming kingdom.


Central & Western bhutan walking Holiday


Explore the quaint and isolate Bumthang Valley in this 12-night “off-the-beaten track” walking tour of Bhutan. Hike to ancient monasteries and explore picturesque villages on a variety of day walks through this fascinating and beautiful kingdom.

Haa-Sagala-trek (1).jpg

Sagala short trek

1 or 2 NIGHT add-on

A short trek perfect for those looking for a taste of outdoor adventure in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. Get off the beaten track and away from the towns for one night or two nights, hiking through serene rhododendron forests and past alpine lakes. 


jomolhari LOOP trek


Bhutan’s most famous trek. Enjoy fabulous views of snow-capped mountains, walk through thick pine forests, alpine meadows, and yak pastures.


druk path trek


The popular Druk Path is a wilderness trek taking you through rhododendron forests and past shimmering blue lakes, as you traverse breathtaking alpine scenery. 


laya gasa trek


Trek through remote high country and encounter the Laya people who inhabit this isolated area, and whose culture is unparalleled.


Snowman Trek

29-30 nights from US$8,445

This spectacular 30-day journey incorporates a massive 24-night trek, crossing thirteen high Himalayan passes, taking trekkers deep into central Bhutanese Himalayas.