Bhutan Yoga Journeys

As more people search for a deeper meaning from their travel, Beyond The Clouds has created these incredible Yoga Journeys in Bhutan, the perfect place to deepen your yoga practice.  

On your yoga retreat in a country that glows with spiritual atmosphere, you’ll practice daily asanas and meditation in against a breath-taking Himalayan backdrop. You are assured of a truly authentic experience, visiting some of the best destinations Bhutan has to offer, giving you a unique insight into Himalayan life, belief and culture. Experience the peaceful, gentle rhythm of rural life, the warmth of the people and their unforgettable traditions. One visit is rarely enough and it can be hard to leave the Himalayas behind!

Immerse yourself in the serenity and reverence of ancient Dzongs and temples. Encounter postcard-perfect scenery as the lilac flowers of jacaranda trees lay before you in picturesque valleys. Enjoy stunning vistas, magnificent forests and rushing Himalayan rivers. Practice your daily yoga sessions in tranquil locations, either in our inspiring studio overlooking one of Bhutan’s highest mountains or in nature itself. 

Awaken to breath-taking views of Himalayan peaks or expansive meadow in your peaceful villa retreats.  Our hand-picked hotels, some with luxuriant spa facilities and traditional hot stone baths, are carefully chosen to facilitate your stay. 

Led by international yoga teachers, you will share their passion for the power of yoga with them. Suitable for any style of yoga and level of fitness, classes may flow gently, invigorate or be deeply relaxing and restorative.  Our unique tailor-made tours offer you so much more than a Bhutan yoga retreat.  Your Beyond The Clouds Yoga Journey in Bhutan will leave you feeling nurtured, realigned and inspired. 

Finally, on your final day in Bhutan experience the jewel in your Bhutan yoga journey: visit Taktshang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest), Bhutan’s most famous site. This ancient structure clings miraculously to a sheer cliff, rising 1000 metres from the valley floor. Walk up through blue pines, passing water powered prayer wheels, to this most holy site. Be moved by peacefulness. The only sounds to be heard are prayer flags blowing in the wind.

we are currently looking for yoga teachers to lead our 2019/2020 yoga journeys to bhutan.    

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“I loved absolutely EVERYTHING about the tour! It was more than I could have imagined and worth every penny. It was all I expected and much, much more! I count my blessings that I had the opportunity and I am so grateful that your organisation made it possible - Thank you.” —Sandra, UK
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Departs: Auckland, New Zealand

April 2019