The New Beyond The Clouds blog!

January 10th, 2016

There is so much happening at "Beyond The Clouds " that I hardly know where to start. But I thought for this first posting that I would focus on why we do what we do. After all everyone has a reason for being in business, but our reason is a little unusual. When Durga and I founded First Steps Himalaya in 2008, we had no idea just how big the organisation would become. Recently, our New Zealand based trust has gained international recognition for its work in rural Nepal, supporting improved early years education projects in numerous villages. More recently cameras turned to our 'earthbag building' that surived the massive earthquakes of April/ May 2015. 

So why " Beyond The Clouds"? We wanted our supporters to have authentic Himalayan experiences whilst raising vital funds to run our organisation. The tiny trust that built one early childhood centre has grown into into an organisation that is rebuilding earthquake damaged schools, training teachers, refurbishing classrooms, providing resources and much more. To keep the wheels oiled, we need to generate income. By running fundraising tours, First Steps Himalaya would be able to keep going and grow to serve even more childen.

A brilliant idea came to us when talking to our good friend Maureen McKain, yoga teacher from Nelson. She could lead a " Yoga Adventure" to Nepal which would show people our projects and raise much needed funds. Maureen told absolutely everyone about the trip and before long the first yoga group came to Nepal. Other yoga groups followed, people booked treks and families joined Durga, myself and our twins on ' Family Adventures'.

In 2015, we branched out and now have fabulous tours in Bhutan and Tibet too. 'Beyond The Clouds' is here to stay. We are here to provide you with top quality Himalayan tours with heart and soul! All profits support our work in Nepal.