Tibet Journeys

travel to the roof of the world!

Locked away on the remote Himalayan Plateau, Tibet is a traveller's dream. Breathtaking, untouched scenery is on a gigantic scale with vast empty plains dotted with nomad's tents and yaks.

Mountain passes are adorned with colourful prayer flags blowing in the pure mountain air. Glittering turquoise lakes shimmer in the intense high altitude sunlight. Explore Lhasa and the historic monasteries of Central Tibet, make the pilgrimage to the Holy Mount Kailash, visit Everest Base Camp or come off the beaten track with us in untouched Kham and Amdo in Eastern Tibet for an authentic Tibetan adventure!  

{For more information on Tibet visit www.tibetpedia.com, a one-stop resource for all things Tibet.  This site was set up to provide travellers with the most relevant and practical insider information on Tibetan travel, and to promote Tibetan owned small businesses of excellence so that visitors can enjoy the best of Tibetan service and hospitality.}


discover tibet

Explore the Tibet Autonomous Region, Kham or Amdo.   Visit ancient monasteries, meet the locals, and enjoy breath-taking scenery in this fascinating part of the world.  





Explore Amdo on this very special 10 night journey for Parents & Teens. Visit some of Tibet’s most famous monasteries, and experience traditional Tibetan life in an authentic village homestay.  




tibet tailor-made


Select any of our scheduled Tibet Journeys or tell us where you would like to visit and we will tailor-make a journey to suit you.





Experience yoga and meditation in a majestic land seemingly removed from the outside the world.  Untamed natural beauty, rich culture and beautiful boutique lodges await you in this special corner of Tibet.   




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