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Why Travel With Beyond The Clouds?

Beyond The Clouds is a small travel company based in sunny Nelson, New Zealand. We’ve been running tours in the Himalaya since 2000, and formed Beyond The Clouds in 2010. We take travelers on inspiring and exciting adventures to Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and Ladakh while supporting our charity, First Steps Himalaya.

All Profits to charity

Every Beyond The Clouds tour supports the work of our charity First Steps Himalaya. We’ve been working in rural Nepal since 2009 to ensure Himalayan children have access to quality early childhood education. We create child-friendly classrooms that are clean, well-resourced, and conducive to learning. It provides practical hands-on teacher training to create skilled and passionate teachers who are capable of stimulating and fostering a love of learning in their students. Our methods are now being implemented in 75 classrooms in 26 schools in 3 districts of Nepal, and there is so much more to do.

All profits from our journeys support the work of First Steps Himalaya. Our customers know that by booking a tour with us they will experience a trip of a lifetime while supporting a worthy cause.

Support Local Communities

We support local economies in the Himalaya by choosing locally owned and operated hotels and restaurants, and working with local guides who know their areas intimately. We know and trust all of our guides personally. This helps communities financially and provides a richer experience for our customers by connecting them with real local people wherever they go. Where possible, we take our customers to eco-friendly hotels and encourage our guides and customers to follow sustainable tourism practices. We love the Himalaya like our home, and we want to take care of it.

We really know the region

Our team are passionate travellers, and experts on the Himalaya. Between us we have decades of knowledge and experience travelling around and organising tours in the region. We have lived in and explored Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and Ladakh, so you can trust our in-depth understanding of the destinations we send our customers to. We hand-pick all of our accommodation and restaurants, and many of the itineraries are ones we’ve travelled ourselves.

We only plan trips we would love to do ourselves!
— Fionna, Beyond The Clouds director

When you book a journey with us, our team provides information and guidance for every step of the journey: from where to find travel insurance to what clothing to pack, from a break-down of what to expect at different stages of your trip to where to find the best food, from useful health information to what to do in an emergency. We’ve got you covered with the comprehensive and personalised information booklets we create and send to each customer.

Hand-picked, quality itineraries

We don’t do scheduled tours, but instead create tailor-made experiences for each customer with departure dates, trip length, and pacing to suit you. Because our tours are small and individualised, our customers get to enjoy unique experiences that others miss out on, like stopping in for a cup of tea at a local house in Bhutan, or visiting a guide’s relative when passing through the countryside. These spontaneous moments often end up being the highlight of our journeys.

We pride ourselves on creating and delivering incredible journeys in Nepal, Bhutan, Ladakh, and Tibet. Let us take you on your next unforgettable trip, beyond the clouds in the Himalaya. Contact us today to start your journey.

You can find out more about the Beyond The Clouds team here.

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